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A Step to Better Health


Our team is dedicated to helping you maintain a state of wellness for themselves and their families. 

Even the strongest people in the world aren’t immune to worry and anxiety. It’s perfectly natural to occasionally feel anxious and overwhelmed, especially during the pandemic and the future is uncertain. 


The word of God quell fears and anxiety by reinforcing the fact that God will help you persevere through challenging times, and that He always walks alongside you.


If you’re feeling nervous, unsure, or just plain old anxious, remember that you are never alone, and that anxiety will not last forever. most importantly you can reach out for help God's way.

One of the main inquires I get in my inbox are questions about resources and where to turn during a mental crisis, life crisis or when you simply want to to begin a journey of therapy and mental, spiritual growth. After counselling many women I have discovered that one of the many reasons people and even people of faith don’t get help that they need is because they simply don’t know where to turn or how to begin. Keep scrolling down to discover where to begin.

Where to Begin

One of the common factors of confusion is what type of services one should be checking into. Keep in mind as a person of faith your church may have access to Christian counsellors who support you from a biblical perspective

You are also welcome to reach out to us for your counselling needs. Send an inquiry or email  to

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Bringing Glory to God
​by Caring for Each Other


Beyond My Beauty have a dedicated team of Christian counselors whose services are to the individual, the family, pastors and the community. They seek God’s wisdom in His Holy Scriptures to bring hope, peace, joy, psychological, emotional, spiritual healing and restoration while using skills and techniques that are clinically effective.

It is a biblical based professional counseling service where you will find a safe place of acceptance to express and process the issues of your life.

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