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Our purpose is to provide a Christ-Centred support with biblical encouragement to women of all ages.

"Jesus knows right where you are and He knows how long you’ve been there"
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Healed | Evolve | Restored | 

There are days when it would be so much easier to give in to the pain and accept the assumption that certain situations won’t get better. 
But let's get  real for a second: The coronavirus has changed our daily lives. The pandemic has caused job losses and isolation. We’re working from home, teaching our kids at home, attending church at home. Sometimes, all you need to do in the midst of the uncertainty is to pause and remember who you are in God and anchor yourself with God's truth.
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Loving Jesus

Regardless of your age or season of life, Beyond My Beauty is designed to give you a vision for the beauty of a  Christ-Centered support and equip you with the practical tools to live it out fearlessly.

Returning back to to God

There are times this world pushes us to build our lives around self-seeking pleasure and temporal distractions while ignoring our calling. Beyond my Beauty is meant to direct you toward a lifestyle that is built around Jesus Christ.

Encourage & Equip

Beyond My Beauty is designed to give you a Christ Centred vision and equip you with the practical tools to live it out boldly, whether  your walk with Him, family, marriage, singleness, career, business etc.

Far beyond you being, a daughter, sister, wife, mother, cousin, aunt, grandmother, business woman, career woman, housewife, single lady, far beyond that...You are created in the image of a loving father. He rolled up Hs sleeves put man to sleep and created You. 

Woman, you could only come about in the completeness of all creation. Find out why by joining hundreds and thousands of women who have discovered that beyond their beauty lies a Christ - Centred life filled with love, hope and security for your future.

 When Women Pray

Real talk? There have been many recent days where we have wanted to quit.  It often feels easier to give up hope, expect the worst, and wallow in misery. As often as you can, no matter how bad you think things are, give thanks. Find something — anything — to express gratitude for.

The second thing you do is PRAY. Take a moment to speak to God, and bring all your concerns to Him. He is waiting to hear your thanksgiving and request.

Refresh your spirit by joining Beyond My Beauty When Women Pray and discover what happens when you PRAY.

Coming July 2020

When Women Pray

Like the wise woman spoken of in Proverbs 31, you too can clothe yourself with strength, open your mouth with wisdom, and look forward to the future with joy.

Women in Ministry

Time to discuss the pains, the struggle and the joy that comes with ministry. Join the talk God's way.

Beyond Beauty Fundation

BBF is committed to raise godly and confident women who will build good homes, raise Godly children, be wealthy, and fearless without denying the faith

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